About Journal

STUDIA IURIDICA Cassoviensia is a scientific journal published by Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice within Faculty of law. Its main goal is to publish authentic scientific articles and studies aimed at diverse subjects of jurisprudence and which also brings discussion contributions, overview of case law, reviews of scientific publications and information from academic life. The purpose of the journal is to become a modern scientific periodical not only for academic community but also for real life law practitioners.


The journal has ambition to become a trustworthy source of information in the field of law for researchers, educationists, students, as well as for juristic practitioners. Its aim is also to penetrate on campuses of other universities and faculties of law and accomplish this not only in Slovak Republic, but also abroad bringing the working results of academic employees and graduates of Pavol Jozef Safarik University, Faculty of Law to broader awareness of professional law community beyond boarders of our country.


The scientific journal STUDIA IURIDICA Cassoviensia is issued twice a year. Scientific articles within the journal are published in Slovak, Czech and English language and every single article is subject to procedure of reviews held by two independent reviewers based on "double-blind peer review". The scientism of this magazine is also supported by participation of foreign specialists in the advisory board of our journal.


STUDIA IURIDICA Cassoviensia is an open access journal, i.e. all of the articles published in the journal are free for access on this website. From 2015 the journal is registered in the database of ERIH Plus and from 2020 in the database of Index Copernicus.


The publisher of the journal is aware of the need for integrity of scientific publications and the need to adhere to ethical criteria in scientific research and publishing. The Editorial Board takes care to ensure that original scientific work is published, taking action to prevent plagiarism in its activities, including through a standard double-blind peer review. At the same time, however, it allows freedom of scientific expression and scientific discussion.

The publisher of the scientific journal STUDIA IURIDICA Cassoviensia therefore fully agrees with the principles of publishing ethics declared and published on the Committee on Publication Ethics.