About the Journal

STUDIA IURIDICA Cassoviensia is an electronic scientific journal published by the Faculty of Law at Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice, Slovakia. Its main goal is to publish authentic scientific articles and studies aimed at diverse branches of legal science and jurisprudence and which also brings discussion contributions, overview of case law and reviews of scientific publications. The journal has primarily a regional character defined by the Central European area. The subject of research in published articles and studies is mainly institutes within the legal systems of Central European states due to the proximity of these legal systems and their mutual current and historical relations. Of course, contributions of a supraregional nature, whether from the field of legal theory, international or European law, are also welcome.

The scientific journal STUDIA IURIDICA Cassoviensia is issued twice a year. Scientific articles within the journal are published in Slovak, Czech and English language and every single article is subject to procedure of reviews held by two independent reviewers based on "double-blind peer review". The scientific nature of this journal is also supported by participation of foreign specialists in the Editorial Board of the journal.

STUDIA IURIDICA Cassoviensia is an open access journal, i.e. all of the articles published in the journal are free for access on this website. From 2015 the journal is registered in the database of ERIH Plus and CrossRef, from 2019 in the Index Copernicus database and from 2023 in Heinonline and SCOPUS.